Arnaud Leymet | Founder and CEO, codename

August 3, 2019

<aside> ๐Ÿ”ฅ We are excited to announce that **botml is now 100% open source** under the MIT license. This means that all previous versions (commercial, semi-closed-source code) are now available in the open and free to use. These changes are effective as of the 3.0 release that became generally available today.


What's botml again?

Botml is our take at designing modern conversational ๐Ÿค– bots via a simple, powerful and highly reusable syntax.

Designing a bot behaviors relies most of the time on (sometimes stunning) interfaces that help move boxes and links between them, that make it platform-specific, and not portable.

At the other side of the spectrum are coded bots, that leverage advanced code scripting to handle any scenarios possible, but at a cost: you need to be a software developer in order to operate.

Botml lowers the bar and lets non-tech users design their own bot, by using nothing more than a markdown-like script-oriented flow. Making as a result highly reusable and portable conversational modules.

What it means

It means that you can now create a conversational ๐Ÿค– bot for free in seconds.

Tell me how already!

Enters this conversational markup, which takes a name in input and brings it back in the conversation:

> My name is *{name}
< Nice to meet you, $name

โ–ถ start the conversation

Simple right? But simple does not mean limited. The below examples showcase the versatile nature of botml in real life scenarios:

Featured conversational bots

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